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Woldemar Tikhonov
Woldemar Tikhonov

The Magical Household: Spells Rituals For The...

The ways of magic are revealed in nature.... The secrets are written in meandering streams and drifting clouds, whispered by the roaring ocean and cooling breeze, echoed through caves and rocks and forests. When you draw a heart in the sand, call on the four winds for assistance, or ask the rain to wash away a bad habit, you are practicing Earth magic. By working in harmony with nature, we can transform ourselves, our lives, and our world. This tried-and-true guide offers more than 100 spells, rites, and simple rituals you can perform using the powerful energy of the Earth.

The Magical Household: Spells Rituals for the...

Follow your heart and spirit as you build your witchcraft and intuition skills together. Featuring extensive exercises, examples, and rituals, this amazing book reveals how to embrace the wisdom of your inner voice as you explore the endless possibilities of witchcraft. With Astrea Taylor's guidance, you can unlock your intuitive magical potential and celebrate the truth of who you are.

Self-help is hard (and therapy is expensive!), but magic makes it easier than ever. In Witchcraft Therapy, you will learn how to use the mystical powers of intention, mindful manifestation, divination, and righteous indignation to cope with whatever life throws your way. Author and witchy wellness guru Mandi Em offers advice in her own unique brand of positivity providing spells, rituals, and more that you can do right at home.

Recognize and celebrate the magic of life with timeless rites and spells. Create a magical household - a haven of harmony, safety, spirituality, security, and romance. The benefits include a happier existence, protection against thieves, improved health, restful sleep, satisfying spiritual experiences, and a perfect environment for positive magic. This warm and wise guide by much loved author Scott Cunningham has been helping people create sacred spaces in their homes and gardens for nearly 20 years.

The Witching Hour shows you how to use the right tools, materials, and techniques for powders and spells that work. Explore the secrets of fluid condensers, beeswax, and the planets. Create your own conjuring bags and sachets. Discover how to work with powders, herbs, and magical timing with more than 100 recipes and formulas for a variety of purposes. Awaken the depths of your personal power and perform your magic with courage and confidence. This book shows you how to transform yourself and your world with the application of essential skills and true intent.

What may be concluded from the information gathered above? The configuration of incantation bowl pairs attached at the rim with bitumen is very similar in form to the double-jar burials of earlier periods. I suggest that the formal similarity is not coincidental but derives from an analogy conceived by magical practitioners in late-antique Mesopotamia. In this analogical reasoning the double-bowls represented a miniature double-jar grave, enclosing not a human body but a variety of negative entities, be they demons, curses, or human adversaries. The practitioners who first conceived this magical technique wished to bury these entities, literally or figuratively. It is further possible that the skull fragments and the eggs occasionally enclosed in these bowls may have stood as representations of a living body. Parallels from different cultural milieus may be found in Egyptian and Graeco-Roman rituals for burying effigies of human enemies or malevolent supernatural entities. (32)

The notion of creating an analogy between human burials and the burial of malevolent forces may have already been known to late-antique magical practitioners. Parallels for this magical technique are found in ancient Mesopotamian rituals for driving away evil. Some of these texts recommend personifying the unwelcome entity in the form of a clay figurine, and then providing it with a human burial, for instance in a jar: (34) 041b061a72




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