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Woldemar Tikhonov
Woldemar Tikhonov

Buy Tt Special 650 Triumph

The unique collaboration between Triumph Motorcycles, Williams Advanced Engineering, Integral Powertrain Ltd, and WMG, University of Warwick, funded by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles through Innovate UK, was set up to create ground-breaking developments in specialist electric motorcycle engineering and innovative integrated technology design.

buy tt special 650 triumph

The Bonneville TT special is powered by a 650cc OHV parallel-twin engine with Twin Amal Concentric carburetors and is driven by a 4-speed chain final drive gearbox. This example has been restored to the Flat Track specification, which features an 11:1:1 compression ratio and a 17-tooth rear sprocket. The engine was reportedly balanced and blueprinted during the restoration and the bike has remained unridden since the final assembly and testing was completed. An additional set of chromed exhaust pipes for display will be included with the sale. This Triumph is not currently registered for street use but could be made eligible with the addition of road-compliant lighting.

Pero en fin, unos retoques por aqui y por allá hacen la ilusión de ser una de aquéllas BMW R75, apodadas Guerra, que iban unidas a un sidecar, que curiosamente tenía la rueda motriz, utilizando un diferencial especial que permitía una estabilidad muy buena off-road. Pero me estoy yendo por los cerros de Úbeda... a continuación tenéis algunas fotos más de este modelo.

LAST AUGUST, out on the Bonneville salt flats, a Triumph powered, streamlined motorcycle made some runs that resulted in impressive new entries in the record books: two-way averages of 230.3 mph under the free-fuel rules, and 205.8 mph on gasoline. Of course, this is old news to motorcyclists, as the event was reported by the motorcycling press at the time; what is not generally known is that the records were set with a pair of engines that did not differ, except in detail, from those used to power the stock Triumph Bonneville sports/touring bike. And, all of the special parts used on those two engines are available to anyone from the parts bins at Johnson Motors, in Pasadena, California, who are the Triumph distributors for the western United States.

A newer, and slightly improved, version of the engines used to set the record powers the 1963 Triumph Bonne ville special - the machine that is the main subject of this report. It follows the long-time Triumph layout, but has a unit-constructed crank and transmission casing -and other detail changes.

Those models in the "B" range sold primarily for competition have special electrical systems. Current for the ignition is supplied by a rotating-magnet AC generator, mounted at the drive-end of the crankshaft. This unit will feed enough current even at kick-over rotating speeds to fire the engine, and no battery is required. And, of course, once the engine is running there is more than enough "juice" to make the sparks for high-speed run ning. Certainly, one could not ask for better results than we got from this system during our test. The engine would start easily when cold - even though fitted with Lodge R49 racing spark plugs. And, obviously, that 12: 1 com pression ratio, with its attendant high cylinder pressures, does not make the ignition's task any easier, but the sys tem performed flawlessly nonetheless.

Handling was, as we have said, better than we remembered of the 1962 Bonneville. It was very stable, and yet responsive, and we would someday like to try one with proper road-racing tires and high pegs. While making those high-speed runs in a cross-wind, we discovered that the high-speed response was especially good. We were following a white line marking the center of the straight away, and this gave us a point of reference that allowed us to observe that we were running banked over into the breeze. Interestingly, when the wind was gusty, the bike would tilt sharply into the gusts and seemingly adjust itself to the side pressures without conscious effort from the rider and without straying from the line.

The result has been a massive boost in prices for TT Specials, which now fetch approximately twice that of an equivalent road-going T120 Bonneville from the same period. The correct figures for the TT specials, collected after several weeks of research at the VMCC library, are as follows: 041b061a72




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