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Jaomamy Angelot
Jaomamy Angelot

Beatmania Iidx 20 Tricoro Hdd Crack.732

Beatmania IIDX 20 Tricoro HDD Crack.732

Beatmania IIDX 20 Tricoro is a music video game and the 20th installment of the Beatmania IIDX series of video games. It was released in 2012 for arcade machines and required an internet connection for startup. The game features a triple color scheme of red, blue, and yellow, and three events that correspond to each color. The game also has a new gameplay interface and HD graphics.


However, some fans of the game wanted to play it on their personal computers without an internet connection or an arcade cabinet. This led to the creation of a hard disk drive (HDD) crack that bypassed the eAMUSEMENT Participation system and allowed the game to run offline. One of the most popular HDD cracks for Beatmania IIDX 20 Tricoro was named HDD Crack.732, which was released in 2013 by an anonymous hacker.

The HDD Crack.732 had several features that made it attractive to the fans of the game. It included all the songs from the arcade version, as well as some extra songs from previous games and fan-made remixes. It also had a custom launcher that let the users adjust the game settings, such as resolution, sound, input, etc. The crack also fixed some bugs and glitches that were present in the original game.

However, the HDD Crack.732 also had some drawbacks and risks. First of all, it was illegal to download and use the crack, as it violated the intellectual property rights of Konami, the developer and publisher of the game. Secondly, the crack could damage the hard disk drive of the users, as it modified some sectors and files that were essential for the proper functioning of the HDD. Thirdly, the crack could contain malware or viruses that could harm the computer or steal personal information from the users.

Therefore, it is not recommended to use the HDD Crack.732 or any other HDD crack for Beatmania IIDX 20 Tricoro or any other game. Instead, it is better to play the game legally on an arcade machine or use a safer alternative solution, such as a hard disk bad sector repair software, to fix any problems with the HDD.


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