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Free [2021] French Speaking Exercises Pdf

Verb conjugation games: two exercises for learning to conjugate French verbs in the present tense with verb tables and practice quizzes. Learn to conjugate the verbs 'cuisiner - to cook', 'danser - to dance', 'boire - to drink', 'dormir - to sleep', 'parler - to talk', and 'écrire - to write' with the verb conjugation quiz 1, and the verbs 'acheter - to buy', 'nettoyer - to clean', 'conduire - to drive', 'lire - to read', 'vendre - to sell' and 'chanter - to sing' with the verb conjugation quiz 2. The ideal entry point for students beginning the task of verb conjugation. Days and months in French game: learn the seven days of the week and the 12 months of the year in a simple French game that is suitable for kids and elementary language students. Learn to use a calendar or read a travel timetable while traveling in France or French-speaking countries.

free french speaking exercises pdf

All French language learning exercises are completely free-to-use, do not require registration, and are suitable for both school kids and adult language learners. French language acquisition games that French learners can study with, that teachers can incorporate into lesson plans, or that can be used used in homeschooling environments. An introduction to listening, reading, comprehension and communication in the French language. Each French study topic includes word lists with audio for learning the correct French pronunciation, and practice games for testing your learning progress. Many of our quizzes also come with corresponding flashcard sets and illustrated dictionaries for learning new vocabulary. Other than vocabulary drills, exercises include French games for learning basic sentence structure, verb conjugation games, and spelling quizzes. Travelers to francophone countries will find the phrases sections particularly useful, as well as the basic vocabulary sections and the numbers in French games. Kids and school students will find some of the visual and interactive vocabulary drills, such as the animal words game, or the French fruit game engaging. As this website is designed for beginners or lower-intermediate French learners, the vocabulary and phrases included in these French games will be familiar to all native French speakers around the world.

The Spanish speaking world consists of 21 different countries, which is a lot to remember when learning their names and locations. This free, downloadable PDF map makes that job easier. For teachers, there is a blank map of the Spanish speaking countries with numbers that are perfect for a map quiz.

The Babbel core lessons take about 10 to 15 minutes to complete each, and generally speaking, go by super fast. This is largely because each lesson is made up of several quick-hit, interactive drills and exercises.

In my opinion, Babbel does a better job than Duolingo of developing your speaking skills. I just think their verbal exercises are a little more robust than the ones Duolingo integrates into their lessons.

So all in all, Duolingo and Babbel are very similar in how they deliver their lessons. Both companies rely on short, interactive exercises that span reading, writing, speaking and listening.

You can also work on shadow speaking with interpretation exercises. Have someone explain something or tell a story. Their partner should rephrase what they said and repeat it back to them. For example:




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