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Woldemar Tikhonov
Woldemar Tikhonov

Adobe Acrobat Xi Pro Crack Amtlib.57 HOT!

I am using Acrobat Pro X with the latest update on a 2009 MacBook Pro running Lion 10.7.2. I have the same experience that you describe: I get the acrobat menu and the file opens but then the application freezes and I must force quit it. I reinstalled the software and it worked for several days but crashed again today with the same problem. I tried getting help from Adobe. The advisor told me that I had to remove Parallels from my Mac. The advisor said that you can't run adobe on multiplatforms. I had been running adobe products in both systems without any problems for the last several years. I have the windows version of Acrobat Pro 9 running in Parallels. I did not remove Parallels as that seemed extreme and not necessarily the correct answer. My mouse pointer also acts buggy when Acrobat crashes. I don't know that there is any connection but my problem started after I installed the latest i-tunes and Java update, which was about 10 days ago.

Adobe acrobat xi pro crack amtlib.57


4. Run Acrobat X Pro, now insted of crashing it will show a "new" adobe activation agreement (this is what was crashing the acrobat x pro), you can now accept it and Acrobat X Pro runs with 0 issues in 2021. (no need for any compatibly modes or hunting for any specific versions).


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